Our Services

To promote, establish, run and maintain educational institutions.

To grant scholarships and stipends to need students of the minority / weaker sections of the society for their education

To promote, establish, run and maintain non-formal education centers as well as vocational training institutions for women and people belonging to poor and weaker sections of the society.

To promote, establish, run and manage health service facilities including nursing home, medical clinics and health centers staffed with doctors and nurses who are able to provide nursing care and basic health services to the local community.

To establish, run and manage Health Centers, Orphanages and rehabilitation centers.

To raise basic health standards of the rural masses particularly of scheduled caste /scheduled tribes / weaker section by conducting annual free medical and eye camps, and by providing medicines free of cost.

To work for alleviation of poverty and for getting social justice for poorer, weaker and downtrodden section of the society, both in rural areas and urban slums focusing particularly on street children.

To work for the upliftment and empowerment of women by promoting literacy among girls/women, and by supporting income generation activities and other life skills.

To conserve, protect and promote natural resources such as water, forest, minerals etc. by popularizing afforestation/tree planting in the community, introducing water harvesting techniques, and advocating sustainable exploitation and use of minerals.

To introduce simple and sustainable technologies and practices for improved water and sanitation facilities, and waste disposal.

To establish, manage and run Centers for the study and protection of ecology and/or environment.

To promote, organize and render relief, charitable and benevolent services and all other ancillary services to the victims of war, civil disturbance, riot, famine, earthquake, flood, epidemic and other natural calamities.

To work for national integration and to promote communal harmony between different religions and population groups by promoting values of tolerance, peace and compassion in the community, and by supporting inter-faith dialogue and peace building measures where appropriate.

To establish, manage and maintain institutions for intensive training in yoga and meditation for the development of individuals who can promote a culture of tolerance, peace and harmony and work actively to diffuse communal tensions.

. To promote and support mental health and psychological-social counseling services with an effective outreach to the vulnerable groups, especially those women who aredistressed, depressed and suicidal and in need of active intervention.

To promote and support health/ family welfare centers and/or camps for education on preventive healthcare, awareness about major health issues including on HIV/AIDS, and psychological-social counseling for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

To support the establishment and management of institutions for alcohol and drug rehabilitation in partnership with NGOs with necessary expertise.

To use various medium of communication to sensitize the masses and create awareness among them in matters of environmental and social issues.

To use various medium of communication to sensitize the masses and create awareness among them in matters of environmental and social issues.

20. To establish, maintain Dharamsala, rest houses, hostels and other institutions as they shall in their controlled discretion see fit for the benefit of general public.

To promote, subscribe, assist and carry on the activities of any other society, association, organization, whether incorporated or not, having aims objectives similar to the aims and objectives of the trust.

To hold discussions, conferences and symposiums and seminars on subjects and matters associated with the objects of the trust.

To work in cooperation with other persons, associations, societies, institutions, foundations and organisations, national and international, incorporated or not and to provide for representation of the trust in national and international conferences in the pursuit of all or any of the above objects of the trust.