Our Programs

Since the trust MANTHAN INDIA is in its first foundational year, we can only give an outline of our proposed ventures. The plan for the first five years may bring out some sketch of our proposed projects.They are as under..................

Proposed Dharamshala for tourists and piligrims .This will provide cheapest accomodation, at minimum rentals.

Old Age Homes for senior citizens will be an affordable facility, in which the weaker section of society will be given weightage.

In the last two years hundreds of temples and other religious places have being razed because they were unauthorised and were encroachments. So there is a dearth of such places. People are finding it difficult to offer their prayers at nearby localities. This will be given priority. So that people can offer prayers to their dieties. This is in our priority list

The weaker sections of students will be given subsidy in fee and coachings. Such arrangements will be put in place

There is also a concrete plan to provide orphanage.

A Nursing college for medical education, will also be built. It will ease the paucity of qualified nurses These are some of the plans which we wish to undertake. Land aquisition and funding will be main areas which will merit our efforts. As for donations, the income tax department has waived our donations as tax free. Many foreign citizens who are in touch have also promised to fund the trust activities