About Us

We are a dedicated group of aspirational youngsters, including our mentor Anil Agrawal, who are tuned to selfless social service. The chief mentor Mr. Anil Agrawal is a prolific author, with many books to his credit. We have organized many self help groups from time to time to help the suffering and downtrodden. With the formation of Manthan India Trust, we will be chanallising our efforts towards a more concrete buildup of a social infrastructure. Through this we will be empowering the downtrodden, deprived, sections of the society. In addition we will be providing services in the field of education, medical services, Old age homes, orphanages and a variety of social services. Our core team consists of young people well versed in almost all disciplines needed for the social services. All are well educated in a variety of educative streams. Prayagraj based this Trust will work in the ambit of 50 km in circumference.

Our Services


To grant scholarships and stipends to need students of the minority / weaker sections of the society for their education.

Health Service

To promote, establish, run and manage health service facilities including nursing home, medical clinics and health centers staffed with doctors and nurses who are able to provide nursing care and basic health services to the local community.


To establish, manage and maintain institutions for intensive training in yoga and meditation for the development of individuals who can promote a culture of tolerance, peace and harmony and work actively to diffuse communal tensions.

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Our Programs

Nursing college

A Nursing college for medical education, will also be built. It will ease the paucity of qualified nurses These are some of the plans which we wish to undertake.

Old Age Home

Old Age Homes for senior citizens will be an affordable facility, in which the weaker section of society will be given weightage.


Proposed Dharamshala for tourists and piligrims .This will provide cheapest accomodation, at minimum rentals.

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Promotion of Religious Activities

Mandir Construction

The building of a Mandir involves careful planning, design, and construction to ensure that it reflects the spiritual values and traditions of the community. The construction of a Mandir requires the involvement of skilled artisans, architects, and craftsmen who have a deep understanding of the sacred principles and practices of Hinduism. The process of building a Mandir is a collective effort that involves the participation and support of the entire community. The construction of a Mandir can serve as a catalyst for spiritual growth and personal transformation, both for those involved in the building process and for the wider community.


Donating to a cause or charity can be a wonderful way to support a community, help those in need, and make a positive impact on the world. Your donation, no matter how big or small, can make a huge difference in someone's life. Giving to a charity is a powerful way to use your resources to help those who are less fortunate. A donation can help support a variety of important causes, from feeding the hungry to providing medical care to those in need. Giving to charity is not only good for the recipients, but it can also bring a sense of fulfillment and purpose to the donor.

Our Volunteer


Anil Agarwal



Rajat Gupta



Ashok Kumar Singh